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Location and Tips

Praia do Lázaro

The largest beach in the region is just meters from our establishment! You will come across a natural and exuberant look, composed of a mangrove at the end of the beach with several species of marine life.

Praia Domingas Dias

Because of its calm waters, the beach on Sundays is ideal for water activities such as SUP or kayaking. The crystal clear waters are breathtaking and because there are no kiosks it is the perfect destination to relax.

Praia da Sununga

The practice of Skimborg has attracted many visitors to this beach, which is inserted between the beaches of Lázaro and Domingos Dias, annually hosting a battery of the championship of this sport. The beach also contains a cave, very popular with tourists for offering water sports events. Due to the high tide, this beach is not suitable for swimming.

Praia Grande

Considered one of the busiest beaches in Ubatuba, Praia Grande is the most coveted and populous on the north coast. With its strong swells, the large beach has a team of firefighters throughout the year, being more than 02 kilometers long, it is very popular with tourists and visited by residents of the region. The beachfront is surrounded by a wide structure of kiosks and several types of traders. At night, it is possible to take advantage of bike rentals, train rides, mini craft fair among other options for all tourism profiles.

Praia das 07 fontes

The access to this beach is made by means of tour boats that depart from the beaches of Lázaro and Píer do Saco or through a trail with an approximate 01 hour walk. The name of the beach is given by the fact that it hides 07 sources of drinking water along its length. Enjoy a paradise hidden in the city and have unforgettable moments.

Praia do Cruzeiro

Offering one of the most beautiful views in the city, the cruise beach is a must for our guests and is located 10 km away from Hotel Liverpool. Come and register unforgettable moments with family and friends and enjoy the light and relaxed atmosphere that our city offers. At night, the beach hosts fairs with a variety of artistic products in addition to cultural events in general, as well as designer stores, bars, playgrounds, skate parks and much more.

Fair Market

Located in the heart of the city, on the shore of the cruise beach, the hippie fair contains various handmade and manufactured items for our guests. There are several product options, restaurants and bars. Opening hours are from 6 pm to approximately 0 am in high season.

Ilha das Couves

The island of Couves is among the last islands off the coast of São Paulo before the border with Rio de Janeiro, and is another popular tourist attraction in the northern region of Ubatuba. In its two beaches with transparent waters it is possible to see the seabed and the little fish swimming among the reefs. Perfect setting for snorkeling, shallow dives made with the aid of a mask and breathing tube.

Praia da Fortaleza

In the southern region of Ubatuba and close to beautiful beaches is Praia da Fortaleza. It has few kiosks and on its far right are many well known and sought after attractions, such as the natural pool, the Ponta da Fortaleza and the 7 beaches trail. It is a good beach for swimming, with calm waters and frequented by families.

Píer Saco da Ribeira

The postcard of our city is 5 minutes away from you! The pier of the river bag accommodates the largest leisure boats in Ubatuba and is a symbol of maritime fun. A lookout is located at the top of the pier and is one of the most photographed places in the city. If you are looking for water adventures this is the place for you!

Praia do Prumirim

Its greenish waters are calm and relaxing ideal for families with children. The beach is little visited and is the perfect setting to rest and have fun with the right people!

Praia de Santa Rita

It is a hidden gem on the coast over Perequê Mirim and Enseada beach. Small, with a sloping strip of sand, calm sea, with a beautiful view of the Saco da Ribeira and its boats. It is a little complicated to find Santa Rita Beach. It is close to the Rio-Santos highway, but with access through confusing streets on the border between Enseada and Perequê-Mirim. Santa Rita beach is in a condominium with houses of the highest standard.

llha da Anchieta

The second largest island in the state, this island has seven beaches and eight trails and presents a stunning view. The prison ruins and a museum are also attractions offered by the island where you have access to historical and cultural information about Ubatuba. An unmissable and splendid walk. The reserved beaches. Access to the island is via the schooner, which is made available to our guests by an agency in the vicinity of the hotel

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